"Let it be observed, that every human being is surrounded with an atmosphere emanating from themselves, and that these enveloping auras are charged by the man or woman with all the qualities good or bad, pertaining to the individual."

Paschal Beverly Randolph (Dealing with the Dead - Cynthia: The Soul World, 1861)

Pillar Publishing LLC will be releasing their first authors book October 1st 2020. "The Occult Meaning of Masonry its Symbols and the Chakra System" by The Professor. Pillar Publishing LLC also provides advertising, and marketing strategies for new /self publishing authors. We are dedicated to helping new authors with Publishing, Advertising and Marketing. We specialize in all topics from the Metaphysical, the Esoteric, the Occult to Children's books. Pillarbookpublishing.com About the book " The Occult Meaning of Masonry its Symbols and the Chakra System." It is a Masonic book of correspondence, covering a wide range of topics from the Chakra System to Qabala, Masonic Initiation, Alchemy, the origins of Freemasonry and Astral Traveling. 

The entire planet finds itself on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius. This Age of Information, where the water bearer is emptying his vessel of true gnosis. It is at this precious moment that the floodgates are opened. Ancient ideas are given modern adaptations. What's old, appears new and what we thought we knew is exposed as the infantile beginnings of Knowledge of Self. This is a journey that any true Master Mason must embark upon. It is the proverbial Hero's Journey. Traversing the Darkness, only to return back with Light. 

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"The 7 chakras align with and correspond to the 7 subtle or energetic bodies, the 7 Universal Laws of the Kybalion and the 7 Liberal Arts. The number 7 is important when viewed as ¼ of a lunar month and also as indicative of the Masonic Square."

"This book is a must have for the student of esoterics and/or philosophy. The Professor has a Great understanding of the lessons contained in the ancient Mystery Schools."

Brother Ryan Robinson, Orange Valley Lodge #13

This body of work by The Professor should be handed to every Freemason upon taking his 3rd degree. By far the best book on Freemasonry and esoteric education.

Brother Gene Butler, Charlotte Lodge no. 120 F&A.M

"The Professor- He is a gift to the world. His Unique writing style will take you on a journey that will both educate you and leave you thirsting for more knowledge. I am honored to be considered his Big Brother and friend...

Khalil Rivers°33 PP, PEHP, PEC, REDDGHP 2x first round Grammy Nominated Producer

Pillar Publishing LLC presents:

The Occult Meaning of Masonry its Symbols and the Chakra System By: The Noble Professor

"What began as simply a book on the Masonic correspondence to the Chakra System. Took on a life of its own and became a book of Masonic correspondence across almost all systems of thought, astral, terrestrial and celestial bodies, Music, Magick and Mental Alchemy. I put forth some theories that I know are debatable and it was with the intention that those debates would hopefully spark, new or possibly original thought. I will thoroughly enjoy if another brother wrote a book debunking every single aspect of my book. As I am not married to anything I know.

Those within the group that know me, understand how passionate I am about more scholarship from within PHA Masonry. And this document will be the first of many from myself on the topic of Masonic Symbolism. Some of my personal frustrations with the craft bled onto the pages as well. I don't think I would've been much of an author if I didn't share my pain, along with my hopes. I've said all that to say, that it is my sincerest wish, that the brethren enjoy what took 5 years of research to compile into almost 340 pages of intense work from the rubbish pits, to the middle chamber. In the hopes of presenting something of worth, that will contribute to the Temple of Man... SMIB"